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Tropically Flavored Design & Development

Inspired by a lifetime immersed in technology and art, cultivating a relentless passion for creation and experimentation in virtual and physical worlds.

Specializing in modern web applications covering the full-stack including tools and technologies like Vue.js, React, D3.js, Sass, GraphQL, Document-oriented databases, SQL-powered RDBMS, HTTP JSON APIs, JavaScript, Node.js, Golang, Swift, iOS, Docker and more.

Experimenting with interactive data visualization, mobile apps, home automation, hardware hacking, the internet-of-things, AR/XR, industrial design, graphic design, game design, print and mixed media visual arts.

Delivering success for over a decade through collaborations across all spectrums: from greenfield to in-progress to established projects; from independent artists to entrepreneurs to Fortune 100s; from “shadow IT” to small software engineering teams to large cross-functional organizations; from email and spreadsheets to microformats to big data.

Let’s work together.

Kuokoa Design

Industrial software and hardware design and development consulting.

Recent Work

Desktop with a computer, keyboard, mouse, notebook with sketches and a fresh cup of coffee.

Kuokoa Studio

Research, design and development of virtual and physical technologies.

Open Source

Kuokoa Trade

Manufacturing, logistics, wholesale and retail sales and fulfillment.

Trade Now

End table with the book, Food Vibes, and a small tabletop fern.

Kuokoa Press

Publishing imprint of books, other printed, digital and mixed media.

Food Vibes